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ซีแพค คอนกรีตผสมเสร็จรายแรกของประเทศไทย มุ่งมั่นพัฒนาสินค้าด้วยเทคโนโลยีนำสมัย

Vision & Mission

The Concrete Products and Aggregate Co., Ltd. (CPAC), subsidiary of SCG Cement – Building Materials, was established on October 28, 1952. With the latest concrete technology, the largest production capability and the broadcast service networks, we have been the market leader of ready-mixed concrete producer in Thailand. Initially, it was founded cement usage domestically by manufacturing a variety of concrete products under “CPAC” brand from precast to pre-stressed elements to ready-mixed concrete. For over 60 years, we strive to develop new products with state of the art technology, and to continually improve product quality and services in order to meet customers’ need and satisfaction.
We strive to raise standard and build strong foundation for Thai construction industry. CPAC is a “pillar” of the industry with our high quality ready-mixed concrete, other concrete-related products and outstanding services. CPAC, for example has invented a small concrete mixer as another alternative in concrete transport to provide concrete work to difficult to access areas. Another example is CPAC Franchise. CPAC Franchise is an expansion of the ready-mixed concrete factory network following the format of a business franchise. CPAC will continue to transfer its experience and technology together with high quality ready-mixed concrete all around the country. Moreover, CPAC also developed CPAC Concrete Payment through Counter Services which gives customers the simplest paying channel at a nearest 24-hour convenience store. Customers are better served in terms of convenience, time-saving and also expense-saving. In addition, CPAC has develop another method in order to enhance relationship closely to customers through CPAC Call Center service via phone no. 02 555 5555, which our well-trained, experienced staffs give answering any questions asked, giving advice about concrete work and selling concrete to retails customers.


We will be recognized as leader in the concrete products business in Thailand with appreciation from customers, societies and business partners sustainably. CPAC will be an organization where employees are enthusiastically worked under rapid improving work process. Customers can be assured of their business succession with our beyond expectation service which we receive both physical and spiritual cooperation from our business partners and ready to grow together on the basis of attention to social, environment and safety.
Good business operations will be subject in accordance with the rightness and fairness complying with ideology in the business.
Holding the corporate governance and ideals 4
  • Adherence to Fairness
    Providing clients and customers the best quality products and services at appropriate and fair prices
  • Dedication to excellence
    SCG earnestly focuses on excellence. In the midst of rapid change and technology advancements, the group is facing very keen competition.
  • Believing in the value of the individual
    SCG believes that employees are the most valuable assets. SCG owes its growth and prosperity to the contribution of its employees with competence, cardinal virtues and integrity.
  • Concern for Social Responsibility
    SCG operates on the basis of a sound sense of responsibility towards the nation and the society in general. Year by year its responsibilities grow.


We intend to provide our customers with the best quality products and services.
We aim to produce our products to meet full, on time and standard of requirement through innovation, research and development and remarkably impressive service; we empowered relationships between customers and partners such as adding communication channels for flexibility of implementation and providing services through e-businesses, e-suppliers and e-payment in correspondent with the stated commitment.
Drive...with value inside "from the heart of CPAC people".
CPAC believes in the value of individual. CPAC uses competency principle to enforce and build CPAC staffs to be a self-active learning people. We promote the exchange of knowledge and training by establishing the Knowledge Management for distributing the knowledge through intranet as a step to be learning organization which integrates the entire knowledge to create better benefit of Thailand’s construction development…